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CalendarPal Desktop Calendar- FREE! for all versions of Windows, including Windows 10

We've made CalendarPal so easy to use that most of you won't ever need to come to this page. But, if you do, we hope you find some useful information here as well as some tips and tricks that can help you get more from CalendarPal. When you see a link to a screen shot or picture, be sure to click it - it's a great help in learning the program's secrets!

Use the easy navigation links below to go directly to help or tips about CalendarPal program features:

Reminders  - To Do Lists - Weather -   Daily Notes - The Desklet  -  Tray Icon - Updating Weather
Scrolling Through Months & Years (Navigation)ThemesInternational Search feature

To set a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or single use reminder, click Reminder link in left menu of CalendarPal.
You can choose balloon tips/window or sound alerts; click Options from the top menu of CalendarPal. You can set different sounds too; See Picture

Your Desklet will show a countdown of a reminder that is coming up in the next 24 hours so you are alerted ahead of time!

Choose to show reminders on the Calendar days, or have it just show a "tick" (blue triangle in upper left hand corner of the day you have a reminder set. To change this, right click on any day, and check or uncheck "Show Reminders". If you choose not to show reminders, you can hover over the blue triangle and see what your reminder is.

How to Set Reminders and other features: Click here for details!

"To Do" Lists
"To Do" list is used to list things you want to do that do not require an exact time. To add something to your "To Do" list, click "To Do" on menu on left side of program, or right click in the ""To Do"" area on your Desklet to add. See Screenshot.

You can view your "To Do" list quickly by clicking "To Do" from left menu in program, or by viewing in your Desklet.

For example, a "To Do" list may look like this:
-Get taxes done by April 16th
-Call and set up a Dr. Appt this week
-Pick up gift for Mom

Its used for listing things that do not have a definite time line! Great for all those little things you plan to do and forget about!

"To Do" list offers some very special features too! If you add something to your "To Do" list, you can put more information and personal notes about a specific task by typing in the text in the space provided.  Click here for Screenshot.

Once you have finished a task on your "To Do" list, you can either delete it, or move it to the bottom of the list. You can put % of task completed even!

CalendarPal shows your local current conditions as well as general 5-day forecast right on the calendar so you can tell what your local weather will be for the next five days. When you first install CalendarPal, you will be asked to set your location. If you want to change locations later, click Weather in the menu at the top of CalendarPal and choose "Set Location".

Selecting Your Local Area if in the USA - Type in your Zip Code or the name of your City and press the search button - when your city appears in the dialog, select it. DO NOT type in your state; just the City (or Zip Code! if in US)

If you're located outside of the U.S.A. just type in your city name and press the search button. DO NOT type in your Country or State!  In case multiple cities share the same name, simply select yours from the list. If you use Metric system of measurement, be sure you change this setting (see below).

Weather information is available in U.S. measurements or Metric. It's your choice. Just choose which you want from "Tools/Options/Weather" on the CalendarPal Toolbar. If you want forecasts and other weather information in metric measurement, just tick the box next to "Use Metric System" ( see screen shot).

Weather Alerts - Most major U.S. locations will receive instant weather alerts if threatening weather is expected.

The current conditions for your area are always shown on the left edge of the calendar near the bottom. (See picture)

Daily Notes
Double-click any day/date you want to add a note to and type your note (s).  Or you can type them directly in your Desklet!

If you have a long list of notes and type them in, the first few lines will be visible in the calendar date block you selected as this is limited by viewable space, BUT all of your notes will be visible by clicking the date block or viewing from your Desklet. All the information you typed in will be visible near the bottom of your calendar next to the detailed weather for that day as well. Click here to see a picture.

Hint: You can remove all old notes from you calendar quickly and easily. Simply click "Notes" on the CalendarPal toolbar and choose "Delete Old Notes". All notes prior to the current day will be automatically removed.

The Desklet
Right click on your Desklet to add Daily Notes or add to the To Do List.  

-View your current weather conditions (Temperature/Sky Conditions/etc.) right on your desktop even when your calendar is closed.
-Desklet also shows your "To Do List" and if you right click in the "To Do" area, you can quickly add more notes to your "To Do" list
-Quickly add daily notes to your calendar by typing in the notes area of your Desklet
-To view other  Desklet Options such as to change the color, click Tools/Options/Desklet from the CalendarPal toolbar.
-If you do not see your desklet, open CalendarPal and click Tools from the top menu, and check Show Desklet.

Tray Icon
The tray icon is the icon that appears in your system tray (notification area) which is the area of the Windows Taskbar nearest the computer clock. The CalendarPal tray icon displays the weather information of your choice; for instance the current temperature in your location and the "wind chill". You can choose to show one or two weather-related items in CalendarPal's tray icon.

You can choose any one or two of the weather-related items listed below.

Wind Chill ("Feels like")
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
UV Index

To manage your tray icon's displayed information, click "Tools/Options/Tray Icon/Tray Info.

Hint: When you hover over the tray icon you can see even more information. To select the information you want to appear when you hover over the icon with your mouse, click "Tools/Options/Tray Icon/Tray tips. You can select from numerous other weather-related information from those listed above ( under Tray Info ) and "Sunrise and Sunset", "Dew Point" and more. (See a picture)
Manually Updating Your Weather
The weather information displayed in CalendarPal is normally updated automatically every hour if you're connected to the Internet. It also updates whenever you start CalendarPal or, if you're using a dial-up connection, it updates as soon as your connection is established. You can optionally choose to update weather every 30 minutes - or update it whenever you want by clicking "Weather" (in the CalendarPal toolbar) "Update Weather". You can also update the weather by clicking "Weather" on the Toolbar and choosing "Update Weather" from the drop-down menu.
Navigation: Scrolling Through The Months & Years
Sometimes you might want to see a date from the previous years or the coming years. You might want to add a reminder or note to a date far in the future. CalendarPal lets you do this easily and quickly. You can move through the previous and coming months two different ways. Click here for more information on Navigation.

CalendarPal features different "themes" included with the program and others you can download free. Themes enable you to change the appearance of CalendarPal to suit your mood or your computer color scheme.

-You can either choose one of the themes already installed with the program by clicking on "File" "Load Theme" (on the CalendarPal Toolbar) or download additional themes for your CalendarPal Program by clicking here. We will offer new themes occasionally throughout the year, so visit our CalendarPal Themes Home Page frequently to see new themes we're offering.

International Search -
The world at your fingertips! Click the search tab and explore the world right from CalendarPal. CalendarPal connects you to the world via Google - the world's number one search tool And we make it even better by putting country-specific searches at your fingertips. We offer search forms for the following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands. Next time you need to search, you don't need to look any further than the International Search feature included with CalendarPal. See screenshot.

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