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CalendarPal Desktop Calendar- FREE! for all versions of Windows, including Windows 10


CalendarPal Program Navigation Tips   You can navigate the calendar by knowing where to click on the calendar; see below or click here to see screenshot.

Click Location


Previous month's MiniMonth (header) Display the previous month
Next month's MiniMonth (header) Display the next month
Current Month (header) Go to today's day/month/year
Left side of Current Year (header) Jump back one year
Right side of Current Year (header) Jump forward one year

Other Actions

- Right-click on the Calendar Header to access navigation commands via menu. Click here to see screenshot
- Left-click on a day to select the day and display Notes and weather forecast (if available)
- Double-click on a day to edit that days' notes
- Right-click on the Calendar to access additional commands

Close This Window


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CalendarPal weather is provided by Accuweather


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