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CalendarPal Desktop Calendar- FREE! for all versions of Windows, including Windows 10

Setting weather for your location - use US or metric measurements. Works almost anywhere in the world!

TOP QUESTION ASKED:  My weather stopped working, how do I fix it?


CalendarPal shows your local current conditions as well as general five-day forecast right on the calendar so you can tell what your local weather will be for the next five days. When you first install CalendarPal, you will be asked to set your location. If you want to change locations later, click Weather in the menu at the top of CalendarPal and choose "Set Location".

Selecting Your Local Area if in the USA - Type in your Zip Code or the name of your City and press the search button - when your city appears in the dialog, select it. DO NOT type in your state; just the City or Zip code!

If you're located outside of the U.S.A. just type in your city name and press the search button. DO NOT type in your Country or State!  In case multiple cities share the same name, simply select yours from the list. If you use Metric system of measurement, be sure you change this setting (see below).

Weather information is available in U.S. measurements or Metric. It's your choice. Just choose which you want from "Tools/Options/Weather" on the CalendarPal Toolbar. If you want forecasts and other weather information in metric measurement, just tick the box next to "Use Metric System" ( see screen shot).

The current conditions for your area are always shown on the left edge of the calendar near the bottom. (See picture)

You can set up new Weather Alerts - Just click Tools, Options, Weather Alerts





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CalendarPal weather is provided by Accuweather


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