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CalendarPal Desktop Calendar- FREE for All Versions of Windows, including Windows 10!


NOTE:  When installing a theme to Windows 8 or Windows 10, you will have to browse to the following folder to change the theme. c:\program files\calendarpal\themes

CalendarPal Themes let you change the look of your CalendarPal program to fit your own personal preferences. All themes are free. CalendarPal currently installs with the following six themes included: Blue Sky, Dark Skies, Night Sailing, Spring, Hearts, and Leaves On Green. We'll be adding more themes to this page - so check back often. You'll find "Get More Themes" listed under "Help" on your CalendarPal toolbar - click that link and it will bring you to this page.

You may install these themes one of two ways: You may download the installer and save it to your desktop then double-click it to install. After the theme has been installed you can delete the installer. You may also, if you wish, install each theme directly from the Web. Just click on the name of the theme to download it.

After the theme is installed you can load the theme into CalendarPal by clicking "File" on the CalendarPal toolbar and choose "Load Theme". Browse through the directly to chose a theme. The name of each theme below is the same as its installer and as indicated beneath each sample on this page.  We hope you enjoy our CalendarPal "themes".



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